Ana Navarro, a CNN analyst and co-host of ABC’s “The View” criticized President Biden over what she called an insufficient effort to reach Hispanic voters.

“I’ll tell you something, the Biden administration sucks at tooting their own horn. I told them this to their own face,” Navarro said during a discussion on “CNN Tonight.” “Look, they’ve done things like issue temporary protective status for Venezuelans, which is a very big deal for the Hispanic community. But they don’t toot their own horn.”

Former president Trump, by comparison, Navarro argued, “did very little things,” for the Hispanic community, but did a better job of celebrating its accomplishments publicly.

“A lot of it was smoke and mirrors but anytime anything was done they’d be down in Miami and there’d be a big event and they’d be at the Freedom Tower and they’d be all these people clapping like trained seals,” she said. “But and those things matter.”

Recent polling and voter trends shows a growing number of Hispanics favoring the Republican, especially in key states like Florida and Texas.

Ahead of next week’s midterm elections, a number of Democrats have criticized the Biden Administration for not selling its accomplishments more forcefully and pushing back on GOP assertions about the state of the country.

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