In a move that surely had his tapioca dealers talking themselves back from the ledge, the President stated that they would be shutting down coal-fired power plants ‘across America’.

West Virginia may be the first state that comes to mind when one thinks of coal country, but Pennsylvania is a close second and is home to one of the key senate races of this election.

Democrat senate hopeful, Fetterman, was likely stunned by Biden’s recklessness … and her husband probably was too.

We know you’re tempted to say ‘What was he thinking?’, but it’s Joe Biden, so you know the answer.

You hear that, Pennsylvania? He’s coming for your coal plants.

We don’t remember Obama or Hillary being stupid enough to say this days before an election, but yeah, they’re all the same.

Why do those ‘vote blue, no matter who’ people keep voting against their own interests? LOL.

Joe Biden’s never been accused of being a brilliant strategist. President Obama had opinions on this. If you know, you know.


Nice gif usage!

Joe Biden: Republican MVP.

It is a great message, for the GOP.

If Biden keeps this up, he may yet achieve unity. Everyone will want to send him to Shady Pines.

He really is.

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