When dancing doesn’t work and ignoring your citizens as they get pounded into dust by the double whammy of inflation and the criminals your policies have coddled, what’s a party desperate to remain in power got left to pitch?

“election denier” Republicans are a danger to the future of democracy

Ron Klain, the White House Chief of Staff, solemnly warned his fellow Americans that Biden’s angry, anti-MEGA-MAGA-argle-bargle speech Wednesday night was?

…”one final warning” ahead of next week’s midterm elections.

Blahblahblah BIG LIE blahblahblah. Scary stuff, and you heard it here first. Or maybe not and not anywhere near so scary. Maybe because you’ve heard it so many times you’re about sick of the mantra they’re all chanting, and using as a cudgel to beat you into submission. Perhaps they’re responding by chanting it louder and faster because they are awakening to the fact you’re no longer giving them the privilege of your attention or respect. It’s a shame they blithely underestimated how far polite citizens – who understand and cherish their rights and what democracy truly is – will tolerate being called verminous fools and treated like cattle. Tucker Carlson took Democrats to task last night, reminding them, “YOU work for US.”

If you’re an American, you probably assume there’s only one kind of democracy, the kind that you grew up with. That would be the democracy where citizens govern themselves through elected representatives chosen in free and fair elections by secret ballot. In that kind of democracy, you get to elect anyone you want because it’s your government. The country belongs to you, its citizens. That’s traditional American democracy. It exists to serve you.

Bouncing up and down while mindlessly bleating like the seagulls in Finding Nemo, prominent Dems and their media lapdogs all piled on the approved phrase o’ moment to make sure the offical message got OUT – maximum transmission of the alert signal.

…OBAMA: Democracy is at stake in this election, Nevada.

KATIE PHANG, MSNBC: He made it clear that democracy is at stake this November.

ALI VELSHI: Democracy is at stake this November.

AL FRANKEN: Our democracy is at stake.

ADRIAN FONTES, ARIZONA SEC OF STATE: Our democracy is at stake.

SEN. CHRIS VAN HOLLEN: The future of our democracy is at stake.

KATIE HOBBS: We all know democracy is at stake.

MEHDI HASAN, MSNBC: This is the most important election coming up because democracy is at stake.

LAWRENCE O’DONNELL, MSNBC: Nothing less than the future of democracy is at stake

It’s soo disgustingly transparent. Does not one of them have an independent thought screaming to break free from a hive mind? No. No, they don’t, for all they pride themselves on the exact opposite. They wouldn’t dare.

Which, in their world, means neither can you. The Borg would collapse from envy at the control they wield.

Dems keep spooling each other up – ratcheting the verbiage and the hate levels. We passed acceptable campaign invective and subjective shading of facts eons ago. For them, there is no pressure relief valve nor a ladder outside the building to climb down. Rational adults and responsible citizens have such things, not a party with a monomaniacal focus on the preservation of power.

Last night, Tucker called Klain’s choice of words “an explicit threat” and verbally fileted him.

…One final warning? One final warning, really? Who do you think you’re talking to, Ron Klain? Illiterate villagers? We’re Americans. We are free people. You don’t get to warn us of anything, much less for the last time. This is your final warning? Yeah. Don’t think so. You don’t get to say that, Ron Klain.

You don’t get to say anything like that, ever, because this is a democracy, an American democracy, not a Soviet democracy. In our system, you don’t get to issue orders to the rest of us on the eve of an election. No. You beg for our consent because our consent is the only legitimacy you have. This is our government. It’s not yours. You are the servant. We are the boss. Act like it.

What’s sad is that Ron Klain does think he’s talking about illiterate villagers. He’s talking over their heads to a state-sanctioned media mouthpiece – Morning Joe – which will, in turn, broadcast the word exactly as intended to the party faithful who make up it’s perpetually shrinking audience. The true believers sitting sponge-like in front of the screen then pass “The Word” on their individual SM pages. It becomes the Gospel of the Moment and rhythmic choruses of DEMOCRACY IS AT STAKE are soon being spewed everywhere in an effort to get the sponges scared and into a voting booth.

The brilliant Steve Martin has these people nailed in 1978

They’re just more vicious and have more power…for the moment.

God willing, that should change in four days, but then it’s going to be ugly getting them to clear the room in the interim. Don’t fall for the chants.

We are not assimilating.

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