Let’s be clear about something: free speech is a good thing. A great thing, even. Here in America, we have the right to express ourselves and to say what we think and believe. But that doesn’t mean that everything you say has a right to be respected and agreed with.

Kanye West is starting to learn that lesson the hard way. Or, rather, he should be learning that lesson. It doesn’t seem to be sinking in for him so far, as evidenced by this tweet today:

OK, so, to be fair, Kanye isn’t the one who came up with this particular theory. He just endorses it. Which is … still not good.

You heard the man.

He can’t. He’s completely off the rails. Same goes for all the people who are liking that tweet in earnest, and there are tens of thousands of them as of this post’s publication.

Well, maybe … but at least he’s not as politically dangerous as Killer Mike, who said nice things about Herschel Walker and Brian Kemp. Talk about a monster.



Welp, that didn’t last long:

It’s gone:

Kanye might want to think about removing himself from Twitter. Permanently. He’s already well on his way out of polite society.


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