Former FOX Sports analyst and NASCAR Cup Series driver Kenny Wallace skewered Ty Gibbs after he intentionally wrecked his teammate Brandon Jones to win at Martinsville.

Kenny Wallace via Kenny Wallace YouTube

On the last lap of the Dead on Tools 250 Xfinity Series race, Gibbs intentionally rammed his car into the rear of Brandon Jones just as the two were entering Turn 1.

The impact sent Jones spinning up the track and into the outside wall. The wreck drew the caution, and due to NASCAR’s rules the caution ended the race and the win was awarded to Gibbs.

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Following the race, Gibbs compared himself to Jesus Christ when he was asked about getting booed after he wrecked Jones. He told SiriusXM NASCAR Radio, “I always go back to the same verse. Jesus was hated first and among all the people.  So, you know, that’s a part of it, I feel like. Silencing out the crowd. And I feel like that’s what you have to do as a professional athlete.”

“I feel like some of the best people are going to get booed and that’s part of life. You can’t let other people’s opinions and thoughts drive your actions and make you feel bad or anything. It’s just part of life,” he added.

Ty Gibbs via NASCAR YouTube

When asked if the boos eat him up, Gibbs replied, “No, not at all. And if I did let it eat me up then it would be weak on my part.”

“There’s definitely things to learn. Like I definitely — there are situations that you have to learn from. You might be able to let it eat you up a little bit just so you learn from it,” he added.

When Claire Lang noted, “Maybe I’d do it differently next time,” Gibbs replied, “I mean that or same stuff like what happened at Texas or even earlier this year when I got in a scuffle. There’s just some stuff that you might let it get to you just so you can learn from it. But besides that for wins are wins, and you can’t let it get to you.”

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Wallace reacted to Gibbs’ actions and his comments following the race on his YouTube channel saying, “What in the world is Ty Gibbs thinking? What is wrong with this kid?”

He continued, “All right, now listen, I’m not the type of person that pounces on the weak. I’m not the type of person that knows when they’re down keep pouncing on them. What is Ty Gibbs doing?”

After explaining the context of the race that Jones and Gibbs are teammates and that Jones needs to win the race to get into the Championship 4 for the Xfinity Series race, Wallace then breaks down how Gibbs took him out by destroying Jones’ car.

He then comments, “As I said about the Bubba Wallace deal. Ugly, ugly, ugly. So everybody boos, every racecar driver denounces it, says, ‘Oh my God, what is wrong with this guy, Ty Gibbs!’”

After reiterating how Gibbs wrecked Jones, Wallace then criticizes Gibbs’ driving ability, “Listen, if you’re a good racecar driver, you tap them, you move them out of the way. And that’s exactly what Christopher Bell did against Chase Briscoe on Sunday to take the lead. You hit him hard enough, you move them up, you get underneath them.”

He then points to a larger culture problem within all levels of NASCAR, “That’s where everybody’s going wrong. They think they’re Dale Earnhardt Sr. I see this every single week. Everybody thinks they’re Dale Sr. They’re not. They don’t have the talent. People don’t know how to move people. They end up wrecking each other or wrecking and eliminating.”

Ty Gibbs via NASCAR YouTube

Wallace then addresses a number of fan complaints that claim Gibbs is only in the car due to his grandfather Joe Gibbs. Wallace rejects that idea saying, “People are screaming, ‘Nepotism! Nepotism!’ Which I can’t stand that goofy a** word anyway because Ty Gibbs is talented and he does deserve the ride. I’m not going to agree with nepotism here.”

“I’m going to talk about what the hell is this kid thinking,” Wallace states. “He needs therapy. He needs to go to a therapist.”

Kenny Wallace via Kenny Wallace YouTube

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Comparing him to Bubba Wallace, Kenny says, “Just like Bubba Wallace, I think it’s a little man’s syndrome. ‘Oh boy, Kenny Wallace is getting personal!’ No, I’m not. I’m telling you when people are short, they pissed. He’s short. He’s pissed. Instead of having one chip on his shoulder, like Bubba he’s got two chips.”

A little later one, he continued to share his opinion on Gibbs saying, “Ty is just scrambled eggs right now. All Ty sees is me, I. He’s not a teammate.”

Wallace then brings up Gibbs’ comparison to Jesus Christ and says, “Now you’re comparing yourself to Jesus, but you ain’t Jesus, okay? And I don’t think he knows what he said. I know he’s young. But Ty is messing up left and right, here.”

Ty Gibbs via NASCAR YouTube

Next, Wallace would bring up Denny Hamlin’s tweet reacting to Ty Gibbs’ move that simply stated, “I miss J.D.” J.D. being Joe Gibbs’ son who was the former President of Joe Gibbs Racing who tragically died in 2019 from a neurological disease.

Wallace said, “So what did Denny Hamlin meant was ‘I missed J.D.’ If J.D. were alive here, J.D. would have been the therapist. He would have been the psychiatrist for Ty. Now, Ty’s got a dad, but J.D. had that touch.”

Denny Hamlin Twitter

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After briefly discussing Coy Gibbs’ comments about Ty’s actions, Wallace revealed what he would do if he was Brandon Jones at Phoenix this upcoming weekend, “If I was Brandon Jones, I’d just wipe that kid out. I’d wreck him. I’d just get it over with. And Ty knows it’s coming.”

He later asserts, “Ty Gibbs is going to have to be taken out next week. Now listen, You can do it. You can take him out and not hurt him. It’s gonna have to be Turn 1, you’re gonna have to through the trioval. That’s where you got to send him. And here’s why because that corner, Turn 1, doesn’t have any banking.

So if you spin him going into Turn 1 and send him, 90% chance they’re going to hit the wall. The problem with doing it down in Turn 3 is that’s banking. So when you spin them the banking kind of holds them. So it’s gonna have to be on a restart. You’re gonna have to look in your mirror. It’s gonna have to be precision in.”

He does add the caveat that it might not be Jones who takes Gibbs out, “I got to tell you, Ty Gibbs has pissed off a lot of people. It could just be a back marker that says, ‘Hey, I don’t like this Ty Gibbs.’

Kenny Wallace via Kenny Wallace YouTube

Wallace then surmised all the issues he has with Ty Gibbs, “Once again, he’s not Dale Sr. So, you know, Ty’s got a lot of issues. He’s got the short man syndrome. He thinks he’s God. He quotes Jesus. And the third thing is he needs glasses because he doesn’t know how to move people. He destroys them, wrecks them, puts them up in the wall.

“Teammate, that’s the fourth one, not a good teammate,” he concluded.

Ty Gibbs and Brandon Jones via NASCAR YouTube

What do you make of Kenny Wallace taking Ty Gibbs to task?

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