After facing relentless pressure from the online woke mob, Oprah finally submitted to their will and took a stand in Pennsylvania’s hotly contested and perhaps Senate-altering race. Oprah announced last night that she would be endorsing the radical ideologue John Fetterman over her former pal Dr. Oz.

For weeks, despite her known politics Oprah had been blasted for staying relatively mum on the race. A statement from 2021 best summarized her position, as written by Newsweek:

A month after Oz announced his candidacy, Winfrey’s spokesperson provided a statement from the daytime queen to New York Magazine: “One of the great things about our democracy is that every citizen can decide to run for public office. Mehmet Oz has made that decision. And now it’s up to the residents of Pennsylvania to decide who will represent them.”

It wasn’t exactly a warm embrace, but it wasn’t distancing either. One can imagine Oprah and Oz are friends, and perhaps she wanted to keep that friendship intact. Or maybe Democrats thought she’d be a great ace up their sleeves just a few days out of the election. Or maybe she is just a spineless jellyfish and caved to demands. 

Dr. Oz, the Trump-backed candidate against the debilitated radical lunatic John Fetterman, whose stroke is merely a cover for his abhorrent political views, got his start with Oprah and by association is evil incarnate. Do we need to spell it out? Trump bad, Oz bad, and if you don’t kowtow to the woke mob begging for penance for introducing him to fame and fortune it’s your fault he might give Republicans a majority in the Senate.

In other words, it’s not Democrats’ fault for implementing and running on indefensible policies; it was Oprah’s.

Although she had endorsed Stacey Abrams in Georgia, she stayed mum on the Pennsylvania race, neither endorsing Fetterman nor distancing herself from Oz. That all changed last night.

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As stated, it’s not a surprise it happened, but it’s worth noting there is something incredible about watching the left eat their own. It’s especially wonderful when the person getting eaten is one of the most iconic, as of late besmirched, names in America: self-made billionaire Oprah.

For her entire career, Oprah mostly stayed out of politics. She invited everyone – including The Donald – onto her daytime program and entertained millions of Americans over the years. She even gave away cars.

Then, in 2008 she endorsed Barack Obama, exposing herself as just another fraud living in Hollywood’s elitist echo chamber.

Since leftists don’t have standards, it means anyone at any given moment is threatened with cancellation, demonization, and humiliation. What was okay yesterday is verboten today. Why? Because they said so. And that means Oprah was on the hook today for something she did twenty years ago. 

Dr. Mehmet Oz, a cardiologist turned television celebrity, got his start on and national exposure on Oprah’s eponymous show decades ago. He came across as charming, smart, and wowed audiences with his commentary. He eventually got his own show and became enormously successful, all in part due to Oprah’s initial gig.

While many conservatives remain on the fence about Oz, he isn’t John Fetterman, so there’s that. Plus, now it’d be great to have Oprah endorse two gigantic losers – Abrams in Georgia and him in Pennsylvania. Making celebrities feel impotent and meaningless is always a good thing.

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