We’ve heard a lot from Democrats and liberal celebs and journalists and activists about how important the upcoming elections are because “democracy is on the ballot.” But what exactly does that mean? Let’s ask MSNBC host Chris Hayes to break it down for us.

OK, technically we’re not asking. He’s just gonna go ahead and do it anyway:

MSNBC definitely has a brand.

If you want to … but the clip Hayes posted should be sufficient when it comes to communicating how melodramatic and annoying he is.

A trolley that is, incidentally, gathering speed as it hurtles toward the edge of the cliff.

Ha! That’s perfect!

That’s what he’d be saying if we were intellectually honest. But he’s not. He’s just another liberal activist posing as a journalist.

We couldn’t’ve said it better ourselves.



MSNBC’s Chris Hayes says a GOP-led House will deliberately tank the economy

Chris Hayes is worried about the chaos that might interrupt the chaos of the Biden presidency if the GOP wins


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