Sports commentator Colin Cowherd said that the red wave of Republican victories is coming on election day and blamed it on Democrats messing with people’s kids.

Cowherd tweeted his political opinion on Thursday.

“Red wave is coming Tuesday. Don’t mess w people’s kids. It lands differently — and they will hold a grudge. Can’t blame em. That’s my Ted Talk,” he tweeted.

Cowherd didn’t elaborate on what he meant, but many users responded that he might have been referring to the pandemic lockdowns for public schools, transgender bathroom policies in schools, or critical race theory being taught in schools.

ESPN anchor Sage Steele agreed with Cowherd’s tweet.

“I take pride in not holding grudges..but you’re damn right it hits different when it comes to my kids,” Steele tweeted. “Being a mom is the only thing that truly matters to me & I am DONE. Have been for 2 years. Too many lines have been crossed & not enough ppl have stood up for our kids. Enough.”

Not everyone on social media agreed. Some users were angry at Cowherd for appearing to side with Republicans.

“They want a 12 year old rape victim to have to give birth to her attackers baby. But Colin is mad that his kids had to stay home a few weeks from their very expensive private school. What an elitist a**hole,” read one tweet.

“WTF are you talking about? Your white privilege is nauseating. Funny how you’re quiet when it comes to Republicans destroying the lives of trans youth,” responded another detractor.

“Shut up bitch. Move out of LA then cuz that ain’t going red. Dumb bitch,” read another reply.

Cowherd rarely strays into the politics field, but he did criticize former President Donald Trump in 2018 when he denounced NBA star LeBron James, saying that politicians should stick to politics and he would stick to sports.

Cowherd’s videos on YouTube have garnered over 822 million views.

Here’s Cowherd discussing politics:

Colin Cowherd reacts to President Donald Trump’s tweet about LeBron James | NBA | THE HERD

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