It’s clear that Biden and the Democrats have been keeping themselves busy stockpiling excuses for losing control of the House and/or Senate in the midterm elections, and the president’s contribution is a doozy considering what was tagged to a recent White House tweet, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

“Spews lies across the world”? Sheesh — projection detected!

Biden also lamented the sudden lack of “editors,” and we all know what that means:

Oh please. Here’s an alternate headline:

Biden’s claim is rich considering what was recently affixed to a tweet from the White House.


The lies on Twitter only started when Musk bought the company? It sounds like somebody’s trying to set the stage for midterm blowout excuses.

Oddly enough, those who have been accusing the other side of being “election deniers” are about to become “election deniers” (again).



Blundering Biden goes full Ebenezer Scrooge on coal, days before the midterms

White House excitement over Social Security check increases may not be the FLEX they think it is


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