If you’re a content creator, or love someone who’s a content creator, this is big news:

Yep, that’s Elon Musk saying a top priority of New Twitter will be to allow content creators to monetize their content. Like YouTube, like Facebook.

And judging by that “all forms of content” addendum, possibly even beyond what they allow.

“More details!” you say, “More details!”

Elon says more details are coming in two weeks:

I am a content creator so full disclosure, this sounds freaking awesome to me. Also seems like a huge opportunity for Twitter. Sorry for not being an impartial journalist.

Also here’s a video I came across today of Musk saying that sharing Twitter revenue with content creators is “essential” (comment at 0:35):

“And give them a chance to make money…”

“Yeah, absolutely.”

If you skipped ahead and didn’t listen to some of the other stuff he was talking about, you missed that he also said subscribers would have the stupid short video time limit removed. He specifically said, “Long-form video, long-form audio, podcasts…” for those who pony up the $8 a month.

Mixed with a revenue share for content creators.

I hope he’s able to pull it off.




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