We would have skipped this tweet if it weren’t for the graphic they picked to go with it. There on one stage are New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, Vice President Kamala Harris, and former first lady Hillary Clinton. The story is about Hochul being down in the polls against male candidates and how so many are saying, as they often do with female candidates like Harris and Clinton, that it’s a “likability” issue. Is it as simple as misogyny that Hochul’s in trouble in New York? It’s not hurting Kari Lake.

Jeff Coltin writes:

Gender is one of many factors in the governor’s race – but it could be a big one. Gov. Kathy Hochul campaigning with Hillary Clinton yesterday got some people in the political world talking about whether Hochul – in her bid to be the first woman elected governor – is struggling with the same gender-related “likability” issues that may have contributed to Clinton’s defeat in the 2016 presidential race.

“I think it really goes to an unconscious bias,” said one woman in politics, who asked for anonymity because she wasn’t authorized to speak for her employer. “I think she’s much more likable than Hillary Clinton, but in an election where crime and public safety is the No. 1 issue, does it hurt her where she’s a woman, and not an aggressive man? Yes.”

So is being a woman hurting Hochul at the polls? “That’s not the question, that’s a given,” said political consultant Alexis Grenell, who’s written extensively about gender and politics. “Zeldin has been attacking her for her lack of leadership. Women are more vulnerable to this kind of attack because every piece of data we have shows that the qualities and adjectives we associate with the leadership concept are coded as male.”

We trust anyone who’s “written extensively about gender and politics.”

And the cackling. Is that misogynistic? Then so be it. It’s the cackling.

What would they have put in this space if Hochul were ahead in the polls by a comfortable margin?


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