The once and future president? Trump has all but announced he’s running in 2024 several times now. He’s messed with the Democrats’ heads, and the media’s too, for months and months now. Sometimes he has come closer than others to just outright saying it. But THIS time — I mean it’s basically just saying it.

In more ways than one.

First, by just basically saying it.

I mean …

But also, before he started talking 2024 polling, while he was going over the ways in which Biden and the Democrats have ruined America, he said twice that he’s going to “fix” it, undo the damage.

And finally, he took a potshot at Ron DeSantis, who is without a doubt his biggest rival for the nomination.

When he’s giving nicknames to the future rivals?

Yeah. He’s running.

btw, don’t love doing it on the eve of gubernatorial election week. I mean I’m just sayin’.


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