Fake Tapper is in propaganda overdrive at CNN — trying to pick up the slack for the fired Fat, Dumb, and Bald former colleagues? — and that hackery was in grossest and most blatant display when he ran fake fact check interference for Dems getting destroyed for their pro-crime policies that are hurting everyday Americans.

Mark Levin takes him apart here. But it’s hard to watch. Even in clip form, interrupted by someone telling him off, Tapper’s smug sneering pompous elite propagandist tone is nearly impossible to sit through. It’s brutal.

But do it anyway, I recommend. This is the war that Fake and his allies on the far left are waging on American voters. Getting them attacked and killed in the name of Marxism.

Levin adds:

The media’s liberal hand wringing has begun in the wake of the physical attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband. But always with one goal in mind: Never waste a political opportunity to smear Republicans. Now, Jake Tapper’s fact-check fakery, as well as Democrats’ atrocious policies, has gotten Mark’s attention. Where was their outrage as Americans have suffered under rising crime waves in Democrat-run cities? Tapper’s fact-check fakery is now in full view.

They are despicable and they are enemies of the people.

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