As Twitter reported Friday, Reuters had set up a live feed outside of Twitter headquarters to catch all of the laid-off employees marching out holding their cardboard boxes full of staplers and stress balls. This despite Twitter telling employees it would be temporarily closed Friday, so all Reuters gave us was a live feed of an empty building.

Musk was expected to lay off as much as half of the staff. Does NBC News think that among that half were those who policed “misinformation” or did NBC News think that half of the people Twitter employed policed misinformation? Logan Hall notes that the media was most concerned with who would be doing the censoring days before the midterms:

MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin noted merely that Musk had laid off employees “who fight misinformation.”

Never forget that Twitter prevented you from linking to the New York Post’s story on Hunter Biden’s laptop just before the 2020 election because they couldn’t prove it wasn’t Russian “disinformation.”

Yes, Griffin’s colleague Joy Reid says no one even knew what inflation was until the Republicans started talking about it. Believe us, a lot of us lived through Jimmy Carter are were very well educated in inflation … and now it’s even worse than it was 40 years ago.

The DHS tried to give America a “disinformation czar” and the blowback from that was so intense they disbanded the team.

MSNBC doesn’t even realize that it puts on the most radical conspiracy theorists in prime time as experts, like their on-staff presidential historian saying if Republicans win the midterms, your kids will be arrested or killed — and he’s not even the worst one on there.

Trust us … Twitter has plenty of “content moderators” still on staff; it’s just that the White House might have to stop lying as much if it doesn’t want to get tagged.

From inside Twitter itself:


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