It’s all a little icky, if you ask me. Nancy Pelosi is a skilled politician who never misses an opportunity to rally Democrats to get out and vote. It’s her job. However, the politicization of the brutal attack on her husband is off-putting. What the 28-minute Zoom call on Friday with the Speaker of the House that was meant to be a Democrat fundraiser shows is the level of desperation Democrats have reached in the last few days before the midterm elections next Tuesday.

Pelosi began the call with a very brief update on her husband, Paul. Let me state right away that I wish the 82-year-old a speedy and full recovery. No one deserves to be physically attacked in their own home. Period. That said, it has been so predictable what has happened since that attack. Democrats hope to use it as a distraction and an opportunity to blame Republicans for political violence. The message from Democrats is that voting for Republicans is a threat to democracy. San Fran Gran delivered the same message after saying a few words about her husband since he returned home on Thursday.

“Paul came home yesterday,” said Pelosi on the video call. “That enables me to be at home with all of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you for kind words, your prayers and your good wishes for Paul.”

‘It’s going to be a long haul, but he will be well,” she said tonight. “And, it’s just so tragic how it happened, but nonetheless, we have to be optimistic. He’s surround by family, so that’s a wonderful thing.”

She went on to use optimism in the Zoom call to her fellow Democrats. She called Congressional races “very winnable”, though we know that Democrats are facing their day of reckoning. On November 8, from all indications, Democrats are going to face a shellacking, perhaps of historic levels. The Zoom call was a fundraising tool, though, so she had to do a lot of happy talk and deny reality. The fact is that she will lose her position as speaker and she will find herself with plenty of time on her hands to be with her husband and attend to his care as he recovers. It’s a win-win for everyone.

In the call, Pelosi said that not only is democracy on the ballot, the planet is on the ballot. Seriously, how tone-deaf is this woman? Democrats are running on abortion, January 6, and to a lesser degree, climate, and it is about to get them booted out of office. Instead of suggesting everyone start at least mentioning issues the voters care about, she’s mocking Republicans for their lack of interest in tanking the U.S. economy over climate change.

“I do not know how anybody could say, ‘I care about the planet, I think I’ll vote Republican.” the speaker said. “Oh, really? Oh, really?”

The speaker sadi that the planet is on the ballot in the upcoming midterm elections and encouraged Democrat voters to make their vote count this cycle.

“There’s no question that the planet is on the ballot.” Pelosi said. “They call it a hoax, but it is scientifically, significantly a challenge to us all.”

It’s typical red meat for Democrats.

Pelosi got a little emotional later in the call as she addressed security at polling places.

In most of the 28-minute video, Ms. Pelosi talked about various aspects of the midterm elections. At one point, she appeared to grow emotional, her voice faltering as she alluded to fears of political violence while speaking about the importance of voting rights and the need to have secure polling places.

“The protection — I’m sorry,” she said, pausing for a moment. “That is driven home to me — the fear that some people have about what’s out there coming at poll workers and the rest — we have to have the public safety. We have to have the law enforcement to make sure that our voting sites are safe.”

She added: “There is reason to be concerned, but we can’t be fearful. We have to be courageous.”

Democrats want to keep voters scared and claiming that nefarious things are happening at polling places is part of the schtick. The fact is that political violence targets both sides of the aisle. On Thursday, for example, bullets were fired at one of the homes of a Republican candidate for the House. His young children were spending the night with their grandparents in that house that night and his opponent had filmed a video ad in front of the home. A bullet went through a window.

As I said, I wish Paul Pelosi a speedy recovery. The whole story of his attack is strange and leaves a lot of questions unanswered. There is more to the story than we will probably ever know. Normally, I wouldn’t even care about the details but when the story becomes a part of political discourse, then people will rightly want to know the whole story. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have chosen to use the attack on Paul Pelosi as political fodder.

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