Last Updated on November 5, 2022

Hispanic voters are “confused” by GOP nominee Yesli Vega in Virginia’s 7th District because she looks like them, the campaign of Democrat Rep. Spanberger and a left-wing activist claimed in a recent webcast, openly mocking the intelligence of Hispanic voters.

The anti-Hispanic comments came as embattled Democrat incumbent Abigail Spanberger’s deputy field director, Jackson P. Miller, joined the pro-abortion Network Virginia group for their “Friday Power Lunch” webcast. Miller and Network Virginia talked about much more than abortion though, including how they think that Hispanic voters are “confused” by GOP nominee Yesli Vega and have been tricked into voting for her because she looks like them.

“I want to say something while I have your ear,” Network Virginia’s Katherine White told Miller.

“I was out canvassing in your [7th District] area and, you know, sometimes you get to doors, no one’s home. I leave special postcards. I write a little note,” White said, before explaining that Hispanics are “confused.”


“But, a lot of Hispanic voters, when I speak to them, you know, talking about Vega and I know this is really important to talk to these voters,” said White.

“Because they may be Democrats and then get very much, like, confused,” she said, before mimicking what she thinks Hispanics say about Vega and abruptly uttering “you know, look like them, vote for her,” as the Spanberger campaign’s Jackson P. Miller nodded along.

Watch the video below:

One of Virginia’s most endangered Democrats, who’s locked in a heated midterm contest with Yesli Vega that she stands a good chance of losing, Spanberger’s campaign has relied on claiming that she’s a moderate, although she literally votes for Joe Biden’s agenda 100% of the time in Washington.

After the anti-family plans of one of her top campaign surrogates, Democrat Delegate Elizabeth Guzman, where publicly revealed, Spanberger ducked out of her debate with Vega, who’s been endorsed by a laundry list of conservative Republicans and parental rights activists.

Spanberger supporter Guzman is actively seeking to jail parents who don’t “affirm” their own children’s supposed transgenderism.

At a recent campaign stop in Orange, Virginia, Spanberger and Colorado Rep. Jason Crow refused to answer for their and their party’s support for the genital mutilation of children, jumping in their vehicles and fleeing the scene rather than explaining why they support such an anti-child agenda.

Video: Democrat Reps. Flee National File Reporter, Won’t Explain Support for Child Mutilation

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