We’d ask what the heck is wrong with Bette Midler but ya’ know what, we’re pretty sure we don’t want to know. Looks like she really has an issue with women who support MAGA … not necessarily Trump but the things that would make America great again.

Strange how much people like Bette despise her own country and fellow country-women.

She thought this was smart to tweet out:

So not only insulting to American women but to Iranian women as well.

Thoughtless, nasty, and ugly.

Much like Bette herself.

We are proud mamas.

Yes we are.

Not very feminist of her.



Too creepy and also too accurate.

Yeah, this old lady has a history of saying really horrible and stupid stuff.

Disgusting is putting it nicely.

We can only wish.



Thinkin’ John Fetterman coming out as PRO-LIFE days before midterms wasn’t his smartest move (watch)

Blue-check says violent crime is NOT up (other than ya’ know, MURDER) and HELLO backfire

BrooklynDad tries making the Fetterman/Biden/Obama rally look PACKED (video shows otherwise and LOL!)


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