During Oregon Public Broadcasting’s debate at Lower Columbia College last Thursday night, far-left congressional candidate Marie Gluesenkamp Perez could not give a definition of gender and said the answer was “nuanced.”

One of the moderators asked the Democrat candidate for Washinton’s 3rd congressional district “Do you support biological males competing in biological female sports?”

Gluesenkamp Perez struggled to respond to the audience in the traditionally conservative district. “Um, I, I think that is, the, it’s complicated. It depends when do they transition? What are their hormone levels? I mean, when you, when you really look at, um, athletes have all different natural hormone levels. So there’s the, it is a nuanced question.”

She attempted to continue when the moderator said, “So yes, you do support that.”

Gluesenkamp Perez answered, “It, it depends on the scenario.”

Hecklers in the crowd called out, “Yes or no?” before the moderator said, “But we’re faced with situations where it’s either a yes or no. Either the biological male competes or the biological male does not compete with women, and so we have to make that decision.”

“Yeah, I, I don’t think you’re understanding the nuance of these issues,” replied Gluesenkamp Perez.

Another moderator later in the forum asked if Gluesenkamp Perez supported “gender-affirming care and abortion up to 38 weeks, it’s a simple yes or no. Will you answer the people of the third district tonight if you support abortion up to 38 weeks and gender-affirming care for minors under the age of 18?”

Gluesenkamp Perez began to answer, “So, I mean, the definition of gender…” before she was cut off by the moderator who stated, “It’s a yes or no question.”

“That is a nuanced question,” Gluesenkamp Perez replied.

The moderator asked again, “Do you support gender-affirming care for children under the age of 18? Yes or no?” to which Gluesenkamp Perez responded, “I need to know what you mean by that.”

“Puberty blockers. Sterilization,” The moderator stated. 

Gluesenkamp Perez responded, “It’s the, it’s the, that is the choice of a family to make. It’s not the role of the government.”

“If it’s what the family believes in,” she continued, “the government should not be in everyone’s life for every issue.”

Gluesenkamp Perez has supported far-left extremists and her auto body shop even offered free help to Antifa radicals during the BLM/Antifa riots that rocked the Pacific Northwest in the summer of 2020.

In an Instagram post dated July 26, 2020, from Dean’s Car Care, her husband Dean was getting a haircut and the caption read, If you and your leaf blower have been getting busy supporting human rights, we’d like to do what we can to help keep that little machine working right (pro bono) shoot us an email and check your fluids.”

Antifa rioters regularly use leaf blowers to attempt to clear tear gas used by law enforcement.

Meanwhile, Gluesenkamp Perez has called her Republican opponent US veteran and Gold Star father Joe Kent “a radical right-wing extremist.”

A spokesman for Kent’s campaign told Breitbart, “The ad from Marie’s repair shop offering free repairs to those ‘getting busy for human rights’ is an undeniable offer of material support for Antifa during the height of their riots and attacks on the police.”

He added, “Marie pretends to support the police because she’s running for Congress in a red district, but when it mattered, she turned her garage in Portland into an arsenal for Antifa.”

“Local law enforcement has been unanimous in their public endorsements of Joe Kent, and the people of Washington’s 3rd District know that Antifa belongs in prison, not in Congress.”

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