Brain-damaged Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate brought in the big guns, if I may use that term, to whip up turnout in their strongholds yesterday. When I say Fetterman is brain-damaged, that is a statement of fact. When I say “big guns,” that is a metaphor. The flags behind Fetterman fell as he introduced his biggest gun. Some choose to see the perfect timing of the flags falling as a metaphor. You be the judge.

See if you can follow Fetterman’s train of thought in the clip below.

Forgive me for reiterating my five lines of doggerel for Fetterman:

A candidate named John Fetterman
Told us he was better, man.
So said his doctor’s letter, man.
Can he even knit a sweater, man?
He looks like a bedwetter, man.

I stand by my observations.

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