It’s our three-year anniversary from when we launched our VIP membership program, and wow, time flies when you’re having fun mocking the left and Never Trumpers day in and day out. Just wanted to take this moment to thank each and every one of you, especially those of you who have been with us from DAY ONE. Without your support, we literally wouldn’t have survived the COVID economic crash or Biden’s Big Tech censorship.

I’m not EVEN being melodramatic, and if you know my stuff, you know that’s rare.

Truly …


Because of you all, we were able to cover COVID’s origins (gosh, it WAS a lab in Wuhan), the 2020 “fiery but mostly peaceful protests,” Democrats pushing destructive sucky COVID mandates (and boy, did THEY suck), Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell, the J6 Kangaroo Court, FBI raiding Trump’s home, Biden’s SNAFU with Afghanistan, Biden’s attack on our energy independence, Biden’s collusion with Big Tech …

Wow, Biden has been just awful.


But you guys knew that.

We were able to cover those bigger stories and so much more. Here on Twitchy especially, we get to make fun of every stupid thing every stupid lefty in DC, Hollywood, Big Tech, and online says… you make it possible for us to point and laugh, and I’d like to think you’re pointing and laughing with us.


Right now, we’re watching the 2022 midterms closely and will do our best to make sure you don’t miss a single, solitary, lefty/Democrat tear the night of the elections. Sure, most of us will have been up writing for probably 24 hours straight by then BUT that will make it even more fun, right? And then, as we all know, once the midterms are over, the presidential campaigns will kick in, and we’ll be right there suffering through it with you all.

So thank you.

I know, that sounds goofy coming from Twitchy, but truly and sincerely, we all know that you make this possible. Beyond grateful.

Super grateful.


Get the point? We’re grateful.


We promise to continue to hold the Biden administration accountable and fight against the TRUE threats to democracy – the Biden admin’s radical agenda, Big Tech Censorship, and more. LET’S DO THIS!


Love, Hugs, Kisses, and all that jazz,

Sam J., Editor, Twitchy

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