SIERRA VISTA, Ariz.­­—With less than a week to go before the Nov. 8 election, Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and Republican Senate candidate Blake Masters spoke to the media at the Southern Border.

Pointing to border wall construction material lying on the ground and rusting instead of being used, Lake said, “This is the material that you and I paid for. … When I’m Governor, my plan calls to take that back and start finishing the wall. This is outrageous that it’s sitting here rusting.”

Lake said she’d declare the material “abandoned federal property,” and if elected, she’ll “take it back” and “start constructing President Trump’s wall.”

That, Lake said, will help slow illegal crossings, which will help border patrol. And, once caught, Lake wants to send illegal immigrants back across the border, not deeper into the United States.

Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb speaks with Kari Lake, a Republican candidate for Arizona governor during a roundtable discussion of the fentanyl crisis in Goodyear, Ariz., on March 14, 2022. (Allan Stein/The Epoch Times)

Earlier in the day, during a Facebook Live event, Lake pointed out that school nurses nowadays have Narcan, an emergency overdose injection, instead of just band-aids. She further said that thanks to the porous Sothern Border, drugs are flowing in unchecked, and children as young as one have died from drug poisonings. Lake said that if elected, she wants to “stop the cartels and the drugs and smugglers from pouring across our border.”

“We are going to take an aggressive approach to our border. Article 1, section 10 of the Arizona Constitution defines Arizona by its border. This is Arizona’s border, and we’re going to protect Arizona’s border,” Lake said

“If we don’t secure our border here, every sheriff around this country has to deal with the ramifications of that.”

Sheriff Mark Lamb joined Lake at the border event. He said what he sees at the border is an “invasion” by the cartels.

Lamb added that a common argument against building a physical wall is that technology is sufficient. But, in addition to not completing the wall, President Joe Biden decided never to turn on the available technology, Lamb said.

As a result, Lamb said that counties like his and across the country are affected by increased human trafficking, drugs, and cartels.

Hobbs, on the other hand, wants to “pass comprehensive immigration reform” but calls the border wall an “anti-immigrant” policy that’s not a real solution, according to her campaign website.

Epoch Times Photo
Republican U.S. senatorial candidate Blake Masters speaks during his election night watch party in Chandler, Arizona, on Aug. 2, 2022. (Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

Masters said that his opponent, current Democratic Senator Mark Kelly, admitted that the Southern border is a mess. But instead of doing something about it, Kelly has voted in lockstep with Biden’s open border policies.

Masters said he won’t vote “for a single thing that Biden wants, not a single piece of funding, not a continuing resolution, not a single appointee, unless and until he agrees to give us some border security.” Masters said this is the leverage that Kelly has had but hasn’t used.

According to his website, Kelly “introduced bipartisan legislation to require the federal government to develop a coordinated response that ensures a safe, orderly, and humane process at the border.” He also states that he will continue to “push the administration to provide better communication and more resources to secure our border.” However, instead of a wall, Kelly wants “advanced technology and staffing at the border, upgrading ports of entry, more immigration judges, fencing and barriers where they make sense, and modernizing our legal immigration system to set up Arizona’s economy for success and keep families together.”

Still, according to FiveThirtyEight, Kelly voted in line with President Biden’s position 94.4 percent of the time. Kelly voted for partisan measures that increased Affordable Care Act Subsidies, expanded firearm regulations, and supported vaccine mandates. He also advocated establishing a commission to investigate Jan. 6, voiced to support for Build Back Better, and wanted to eliminate the filibuster.

Masters said that starting on Jan. 3, he’ll do everything he can at the federal level to secure the Border. Pointing to Lake, he said they’ll work together to “take care of business” at the state and federal levels.

Lake said that she’s a humanitarian. Because Biden “rolled out the welcome mat,” people are dying in the desert trying to come to the United States illegally. Lake added that part of being a humanitarian means fixing the border. It also means taking care of the needs of Arizonans first and foremost.

The Epoch Times reached out to Democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs, Democratic Senator Mark Kelly, and the White House requesting comment on the above. The request for comment wasn’t returned before print.

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