When did we last check in on Joe Walsh? Looks like it was just a little less than a month ago, when he came out as a “woke conservative.” Such a silly person.

He’s still a silly person, by the way. And, like so many other silly people, he’s very concerned about Elon Musk suggesting that “independent-minded voters” consider voting Republican in the midterms:

Should’ve stopped before the “but,” Joe. Honestly, you should’ve stopped before you even tweeted anything, but at the very least before the “but.”

It really is something.

He thinks he is. Talk about disinformation, huh?

Um … does actively silencing Republican and conservative users count as encouraging users to vote Democrat? Because cracking down on the Right in favor of the Left kinda seems like de facto encouraging users to vote Democrat. If Republican and conservative accounts get shadow-banned or suspended, only Democratic and liberal accounts will be left to dominate the discourse.

And, as we recently learned, Twitter (as well as Facebook) worked very closely with Joe Biden’s FBI and DHS on a secret campaign to censor “disinformation,” aka inconvenient truths.

There is no “if,” Joe.


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