Hey, so remember that time the other day when President Joe Biden promised that “we’re gonna be shutting these [coal] plants down all across America”?

Remember how the following day, Biden’s press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre attempted — quite poorly — to walk Biden’s remarks back? She claimed that his remarks had “been twisted” by people with bad intentions, and that he was really and truly and sincerely sorry if anyone took his comments to mean that he was promising to shut down coal plants when he said he’d shut down coal plants. “I apologize if you were offended,” basically.

Ironic that Karine Jean-Pierre would accuse others of twisting the president’s words while she twisted herself into an intellectual pretzel.

Anyway, today, she once again insisted that Biden’s remarks had been “twisted.”

But in addition to that, she also reminded us that “it was loud and hard to hear”:

OK, well, let’s listen again:

Seems pretty clear to us. The only thing we hear is Joe Biden … saying that “we’re gonna be shutting these plants down all across America.”

Biden’s words weren’t “twisted.” There was no “confusion.” We know exactly what he said.

Absolutely shameless.

Any takers? Daniel Dale? PolitiFact? This one should be a slam dunk.



Karine Jean-Pierre says you don’t need to take Biden admin’s word, just ‘take PolitiFact’s’


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