No doubt you have heard the joke: what did socialists use for lighting before candles? Electricity. But it is literal fact if you live in the socialist paradise of Cuba:

The communist Castro regime in Cuba aired a new set of propaganda pieces through its media apparatus this week claiming Cuban citizens are “content” with daily power blackouts and offering tips to make the most out of the three hours of electricity that they receive per day.

Can you live on three hours of electricity a day? Sure, if you are poor enough. And of course, no one in Cuba is driving a Tesla.

As reported by the Spain-based website Diario De Cuba on Friday and the outlet Cibercuba on Thursday, the regime aired interviews of Cuban women on Tuesday through its television channel, Canal Caribe. In the interviews, Cuban women offered tips to make the most out of the roughly three hours of power that Cuban citizens are receiving per day as part of the regime’s electrical authority to share the power blackouts in an “equitable way.”

Under socialism you don’t have any electricity, but you have all the “equity” you can stand. Excuses, too. The Castro regime will give you all kinds of reasons why it isn’t their fault.

Still, we shouldn’t mock the Cubans. If we continue down the reckless path of “green” energy that works both intermittently and inadequately, we too will get to the point where we can’t keep the lights on. And we will have no one to blame but ourselves.

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