“The temperature of the country is going to shift back to the right,” my friend Adam Baldwin predicts in the latest episode of The Amiable Skeptics. “Americans instinctively want to hold the other side accountable” in midterm elections, and this time there’s more reasons than ever to provide “checks and balances” to the incumbent Democrat government.

Ready for a new video series that drills down in-depth on not just the issues but also the philosophical crises that undergird them? Want to get an intelligent, in-depth overview of the challenges facing the country and the Right?

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Welcome back to my VIP video series “The Amiable Skeptics,” featuring my friend Adam Baldwin! Adam is well-known for his long and storied Hollywood career, starting with My Bodyguard, and especially for his roles in Full Metal Jacket, Firefly, its film sequel SerenityChuck, and The Last Ship.

Rather than spend time dissecting polls, Adam and I drill down into what will drive the electorate tomorrow. Adam believes it comes down to Mama Bear politics. “Mama Bear likes stability, Mama Bear likes peace and security in the neighborhood,” Adam declared. “Can my kids walk to school? No,” he asks and answers. “Can my kids be safe on the playground? No. These are the things that matter.”

But will Democrats learn their lesson from a red wave? Not likely, both of us agree. “What happens?” Adam asks. “The young, the youngsters, they’re going to push back. They’re gonna double down.”

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