We’re full-on in the throes of the midterm elections, and things are really getting exciting. Almost too hot to handsy.

Sorry, did we say “handsy”? We meant “handle.” We apologize for the typo. It’s just that we’ve got Al Franken on the brain right now, and, well, “handsy” always comes to mind when we think of Al Franken. We hadn’t thought about him in a while, actually, but for whatever reason, CNN had him on today to discuss the midterms:

Real News, Mr. President™.

Hey, don’t look at us. But now that he’s here, let’s just make the most of it.

Well, to be fair, it’s actually been going on for a while. But they’re really ramping it up for Election Day! They’re pulling out all the stops and rewriting history, lying, and gaslighting like it’s going out of style. The “Inflation Reduction Act” has done nothing to attack inflation, but it’s already attacking the economy. Biden’s economy. Yes, Al, this is Biden’s economy. Biden’s inflation.

Pure, unadulterated BS.

Guess so.

Drink it in, Al. This is the most laughter you’ve gotten in years.


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