The Daily Wire is reporting that as of this afternoon, Tudor Dixon had overtaken Gretchen Whitmer in the polls, but not by much. And by not much, we are talking .3%. According to a November 5–7 poll by the Trafalgar Group, Dixon’s lead was only 48.5% to 48.2% for Dixon. Two percent of respondents were undecided, while .06% backed Libertarian Mary Buzum and .07% supported other candidates.

Of note, the poll oversampled Democrats, who made up 54.5% of the respondents, while 37.1% were Republicans. Self-identified non-partisans comprised 8.4% of the sample. Michigan tends to trend blue, especially in and around Detroit. With that in mind, the current numbers may mean Dixon’s message, combined with the electorate’s frustration and fatigue over Whitmer’s handling of COVID-19 and even the issue of school curriculums — such as was recently seen in Dearborn — has resonated with voters across the spectrum.

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Of course, the polls have yet to close. It is still early and people who were planning to vote later in the day or after work haven’t cast their ballots. And the ballots haven’t been counted or for that matter “found.” So Dixon’s edge could easily evaporate as the day goes on. And who knows, if Michigan experiences issues similar to those in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Arizona, Dixon — and Michigan — may be in for a long night. Or week.

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