MSNBC has already put on one election denier who’s saying that the result in Georgia isn’t legitimate because of voter suppression surpassing that of 2018. MSNBC’s panel, much like Democrats in general, is counting on that “red mirage” that will appear Tuesday night but dissipate after all of the mail-in and drop-box ballots have been counted, which they’re counting on all being for Democrats. Claire McCaskill explains that “MAGA” have been trained not to trust drop boxes but instead vote in person on Election Day. Then, for reasons unknown to us, she claimed that MAGA are “out there with guns and camo, right?”

Speaking of mail, remember how Democrats said mail wasn’t to be trusted back in 2020? Better yet, remember Jamie Lee Curtis posting a photo of a red tow truck with a mail truck on the back and suggesting that Republicans were literally stealing mail trucks to disrupt the election? She even swore the driver of the tow truck had on a red cap with white letters! Vote in person, people!

It’s cut off, but he’s pointing to his “I voted” sticker. A cross around his neck too … must be one of those MAGA Christofascists.

Are they MAGA or extreme MAGA? And they’re out there on Election Day carrying guns and wearing camouflage. OK.


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