Who’s nuttier? Rob Reiner or Joy Reid? You tell us!

You know what? They’re both nuttier than a squirrel’s BM so let’s just leave it at that.

If you have to tell people that Republicans ARE LITERALLY KILLING PEOPLE to get them to vote Democrat, you MIGHT want to rethink what party you support and what their agenda looks like.

Rob really is just a dumpster fire of insane-o.

From Outkick:

Reiner joined Joy Reid on Friday to warn voters that Republicans plan to kill people in their quest for power.

[Republicans] are only interested in power,” Reiner told Reid. “They are only interested, and they will do anything to get the power. And they are willing to kill, literally kill, to get the power. You can’t have a conversation with them.”

In addition to “literally killing” people, Reiner says a GOP-controlled Congress would ensure the extinction of democracy.

“If we do not [vote Democrat], this might be the last election we have in a democracy,” Reiner also warned.

Just. Insane.

You can see the actual video here.

Ummm … yeah. We could see it.

Not as much as Stephen King though.

Or you know, totally insane.

And one is crazier/dumber than the last.



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