Ron DeSantis is the GOP’s biggest success story coming out of the midterm elections. And you know what? He earned it. He kept his head down and kept his eyes on the prize, and it paid off for him. Quite handsomely, in fact.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of genius pundits out there who are weirdly obsessed with downplaying DeSantis’ victory. Despite the GOP’s disappointing performance, the Left and the Resistance are pretty clearly terrified of DeSantis.

As we told you, Adam Kinzinger was very emphatic that just because DeSantis ran away with the Florida gubernatorial race doesn’t mean that DeSantis is the future of the Republican Party. University of Florida Prof. Michael McDonald is taking a similar approach to those results:

OK, that’s enough. You guys get the idea. “Once he is the focus of the harsh spotlight of the national media”???

Safely ensconced in the academic bubble, no doubt.

No kidding.



Would it literally kill pointy-headed clowns to just admit that maybe — just maybe — Ron DeSantis is actually up for all this and is actually pretty darn good at it?


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