Full transparency, my plan today was to write some AWESOME, RAD, totally KICK-BUTT article about how AWESOME, RAD, and totally KICK-BUTT the Red Wave was and WHOOHOO let’s dooooo this … yeeeeeaaaah!


And as you can likely guess, that’s not the direction this is going. Don’t get me wrong, I’m hopeful we’ll still win the House and there’s even a possibility with the Senate (run-off?), but sitting here, waiting for whoever is out there who can’t seem to count votes the freakin’ night of the election for whatever reason to finish counting … I’m not feeling so hot.

Ok, so this is me right now.


Cabbage and everything.

I am ticked off. You should be too.

Think about it, if the Red Wave was as red and as much of a wave as the polls and the GOP leadership told us it would be, I wouldn’t be sitting here worrying about whether or not Lauren Boebert can hold onto her seat in Colorado. It should have been a done deal, folks. Done. Freaking. Deal.

The economy is in ruin, heck, in a recession. Nobody can afford anything (have you seen the cost of a loaf of bread?!), gas is shooting back up (and will go up even higher after President Dillhole finishes off our emergency reserve), and all Democrats had to run on was “MUH DEMOCRACY,” “REPUBLICANS BAD,” and “ABORTION FOR YOU, ABORTION FOR YOU, EVERYONE GETS AN ABORTION”!


Ugh. And guess WHAT? They weren’t totally wiped out – in fact, they could at this point still take both the House and the Senate. Hey man, don’t blame me for being honest, it’s the truth. I hope that’s not the case, I hope we take the House and at best “tie” in the Senate but nothing is guaranteed.

Nothing. That’s not how it was supposed to be, even historically this is wrong.


So what the EFF, GOP? What happened? Is it Trump? Messaging? Money? Abortion? COVID? Mail-in voting? Machines? WHAT?! And PLEASE spare me the “quality candidate” line, Democrats in Pennsylvania just elected a potato to represent them in the Senate so don’t even go there.

What is it? What can we do?

Tell me because I’ll do it.

For my kids. For my country. For my own future.


Whatever it is, guys, we’ve gotta figure it out sooner than later. Even if we squeak by and somehow come out ahead, this midterm should have been a resounding retribution on Democrats and their crap agenda. Not a “squeaker.” And you know what, maybe it’s up to us to figure it out because it’s becoming more and more clear the people leading our party don’t really have a clue what they’re doing. What happened to our grassroots? Doing the work on the ground? Where is our inner Andrew Breitbart?

We’ve gotta find it.


Note, I was going to write this as a VIP because typically when we write in the first person we do that for our members only. BUT, I felt like my little soapbox rant was something we could all relate to today. That being said, if you haven’t signed up, you really should. NO REALLY, especially this week. See the “deets” below. 

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