Lincoln Project alumnus and Democratic strategist (as if there’s actually a difference) Kurt Bardella took a vile, misogynistic swipe at GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert last night on Joy Reid’s show.

Bardella has rightfully been taking a beating for that. And, guys, after taking some time to reflect and educate himself, he’s decided that he didn’t mean to insult OnlyFans like that:

*To shame women who have OnlyFans pages.

Oh, so now it’s our fault for assuming that when he was joking about Lauren Boebert getting an OnlyFans page, he was making a joke about her sexualizing herself for money. He totally respects women who have OnlyFans pages! And shame on you for thinking otherwise!

Sounds like Kurt may be the one with the problem here.

Because he’s not sorry.

He knows he meant it. He just hopes everyone else is too stupid to know what he meant.

That’s him in a nutshell.

Can’t stop, won’t stop:

Taking your cues from Claire McCaskill, are you, Kurt? Going to just pretend that there aren’t tons of conservatives out there who called out Donald Trump’s misogyny also calling out yours?

What a colossal prick.

And it won’t be the last.

We look forward to Kurt Bardella’s upcoming non-apology for his non-apology.


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