Eric Swalwell opined yesterday on a statement made by Republican Senator Tim Scott on putting parents back in charge of their children’s education.

Instead of agreeing with it, he went the other direction and just check out his logic:

His argument is that parents should have little to no say in their children’s education because school teachers and officials are experts. What a crock of garbage.

First of all they aren’t experts like doctors and lawyers. They are trained to teach a curriculum that is given to them by the school system and manage a classroom of children.

Seconly, parents must agree and consent to their children’s education, just like someone must consent before surgeries. You don’t just blindly let any surgeon work on you because they’re an expert, without agreeing to their plan of action.

A parent MUST have a say in their child’s education because it’s their child! They are the guardian and protector of that child and their consent is necessary.

This is not hard unless you are a leftist trying to come up with stupid excuses to indoctrinate children. Which is what this is really all about. It’s about the woke and sometimes pornographic crap being taught to children these days, which most of the time is being done in secret.

Swalwell is a leftist authoritarian idiot who should have been kicked to the curb by voters a long time ago, especially after sleeping with a chinese spy.

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