In case you missed it — and you really could’ve only missed it if you spent the second half of yesterday in a cave in some remote part of the world — former President Donald Trump went off — way, way off — on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for … being a competent governor who won his re-election by a landslide because of his competent leadership.

Now, the rapidly shrinking club of Donald Trump’s most loyal minions is continuing to stand with him, to cling to him like shelter in a storm. But more and more of the people who supported him in 2020 are waking up to his true nature … by waking up to stuff like this:

Because of course that’s what Trump is doing. Because his ego has been bruised one too many times, and you know how wounded animals are.

It’s a stunning melange of racism, envy, historical revisionism, delusions of grandeur, and all-around insanity. It’s quite a spectacle.

“Sounds Chinese.”

Forget it; he’s rolling. No, seriously, he’s rolling. Down the hill. Into the grave.

Joe Biden is senile … but what’s Donald Trump’s excuse? Is he losing his mind, too? Or is he just a complete idiot? Maybe it’s both. He’s also a pathological liar, so he’s got that going for him.

It’s not just you. He’s insane is all.

We remember, too. And we remember calling out media for trying to put Youngkin at that rally. Maybe they were getting their information from Donald Trump?

And he’s still keeping his distance from Trump. And not paying attention to Trump is the worst punishment you can give him, by far.

Yeah, that’s probably the biggest silver lining in all this. He’s torpedoing his own campaign so no one else has to.

The decision should be pretty easy at this point, no?

He is who he always was. He’s just finally ready for literally everyone to know about it.


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