I’m about ready to demand that Stephen Kruiser take over the vote counting in Arizona, because, frankly, this is embarrassing. Florida counted significantly more ballots in a fraction of the time, and we’re being told it could take days for enough votes to be found for Hobbs and Kelly to finish the counting.

On Thursday, we were told that new results wouldn’t be coming until after the weekend… which came right before a new vote dump marginally expanded Hobbs’ lead in the race. However suspicious that looks, it should be noted that those were pre-Election Day votes, which were expected to favor Hobbs.

According to various reports, there are roughly 500,000 votes left to be counted, with as many as 350,000 from Maricopa County alone. Those are widely expected to favor Lake and Senate candidate Blake Masters, according to Republican political consultant Landon Wall, who pointed out that polls showed Republicans overwhelmingly intended to vote on Election Day, and most of the outstanding votes waiting to be counted are expected to be Republican votes.

Taking all this into account, Caroline Wren, a senior advisor to Kari Lake, said on Thursday that there is currently “no mathematical path” for Hobbs to win.

One thing is for sure: Arizona’s failure to count these ballots swiftly is an embarrassment, and as governor, you can dang well bet that Kari Lake will do something about this.

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