There are still a lot of midterm elections to finish up but Doug Emhoff, the Second Gentleman of the United States, is ready to pivot to the 2024 presidential election. He is getting out ahead of everyone else and telling Democrats that if Joe Biden does not run in 2024, they need to come together and support his wife, Kamala Harris.

Does Doug know something we don’t know? Does he think that Sleepy Joe is not going to run in 2024? At his press conference this week Biden made it clear to reporters that it is his “intention” to run for re-election. He’s not ready to do a formal announcement because that would put him under FEC regulations. I mean, he can always say he’s decided to pass on a run for re-election because of his age or perhaps a health problem, but we know his family is gung-ho for another term. I fully expect Biden to run for re-election because his ego will demand it. He thinks he’s doing well and he’s the only one who can save democracy or something. Besides, he’s got all the cool perks of the office – Air Force One, Marine One, living in the White House, Camp David, and people to take care of everything for him. Life is good for Joe and Jill. Why give it up?

Perhaps Doug knows that no one likes his wife. Her approval rating is at 39.5% which is even lower than the deeply unpopular president, who is at 41.2%. When Democrat voters are asked about possible alternatives to Biden running in 2024, rarely does Kamala’s name come up.

Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff has told Democrats the party must rally around his wife, Vice President Kamala Harris, should Biden not run, Politico reported.

His advocacy comes as chatter among Democrats about California Gov. Gavin Newsom, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is growing.

The first female vice president had a rough first year in office with high staff turnout and low returns on a series of high-profile issues, including working on the root causes of migration at the border and voting rights.

The last two years of Biden’s final term will be shaped by what happens on Tuesday night.

‘If Biden can hold on to a Democratic Senate, then he’ll be in the catbird seat to run for reelection,’ Douglas Brinkley, a presidential historian at Rice University, told The Washington Post. ‘Now, if it’s a red wave and the Republicans win the Congress and Senate, there’s going to be a drumroll for Biden to not be the party’s nominee.’

If Republicans take only one chamber of the Congress – and they are predicted to take the House – they can tie up his presidency in investigations and legislative roadblocks going into the 2024 campaign.

We’re still waiting to hear final results for some House seats and we won’t know the final outcome of the Senate until the run-off election in Georgia is held on December 6. Joe Biden will be a lame duck president for two years, we just don’t know how lame yet.

According to a Politico article about this subject, the 2024 presidential election has been “increasingly consuming” Kamala and other Democrats eyeing the White House. Biden will be 82 in 2024. The general thoughts on the 2024 election is that if Democrats lose both the House and the Senate, Biden will face pressure from his own party to step aside.

Some polling has found Kamala may be more popular with voters than she is with other Democrat lawmakers and her own staff. She would be the frontrunner in the primary as it started out because of her position but would she be a strong candidate? In her last bid for the Democrat nomination for president, she dropped out before the Iowa caucuses began. She was a horrible candidate, much as she has been as vice-president. Some in the White House think Kamala is on stronger footing now than she was in her first year but remain skeptical off her chances in 2024. The talk of Kamala running for president in 2024 often causes eye rolls in the White House. It says a lot that those who work with her and are around her the most are the most skeptical of her as the party’s potential presidential candidate. Except her husband, of course. His job now is to play her biggest cheerleader and rally Democrats around her. It sounds like it may be a heavy lift.

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