Earlier this year, actor Alec Baldwin reportedly said that lawsuits against him after the accidental shooting on the “Rust” movie set were motivated by money:

Fast forward to several months, and Baldwin is reportedly now suing people who were on the set of his movie:

From the NY Post:

Alec Baldwin filed a lawsuit against several crew members of “Rust” on Friday for providing him with the loaded gun that he fired on set, killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins last year.

Baldwin, who is awaiting a decision on whether he’ll face criminal charges in the shooting, accused the movie’s armorer and first assistant director, among others, of negligence in a cross-complaint following a lawsuit filed against him last year by script supervisor Mamie Mitchell.

Baldwin’s attorney, Luke Nikas, said the crew members did not maintain safety on the New Mexico film set.

Didn’t Baldwin initially say that he never pulled the trigger?

Actor Adam Baldwin weighed in this way:


But it certainly appears that he’s trying to blame others for his own negligence. Also Alec Baldwin was the movie’s executive producer, meaning the people he’s suing were his employees, so we’re not quite sure how that will shake out legally.

Baldwin has some serious stones, that’s for sure.



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