CNN ran a story about Casey DeSantis and left wing Twitter (and their Never Trump cheer squad) can’t even.

Just think of it. A 24-hour news network spending three precious minutes of their 1,440-minute day telling their viewers about the wife of a politician that the entire country has been talking about for days because he red tsunamied Florida and is engaged in a (so far) one-way battle with President Trump. HOW DARE THEY!

You can watch the CNN piece that has liberals livid here.

It’s like Tom was listening to sweet tunes on his Victrola and suddenly turned around and discovered cable news.

‘What is this strange new medium’, Tom asked, bewildered. ‘And why, pray tell, are they talking about this particular political wife?’

We don’t get it either. LOL.

Ooh! Ooh! (Waves hand excitedly.) We know this one. The answer is ‘no’. It’s definitely ‘no’.

Do you mean to tell us the wife of politician political puff piece is not a new phenomenon? Who knew?!

LOLOL! It’s sort of a Twitter inside joke. If you know, you know.

We remember the puff pieces on the senator-elect from Pennsylvania and her husband, don’t you?

In case you haven’t noticed, the Left views all news media as a campaign event for their preferred Democrat candidates. Anything that strays from that vision, even in the slightest, causes them to short circuit.

Watching leftists rage quit on CNN because the network decided that persecuting teenagers for wearing red baseball caps was maybe not the best look is one of the funniest things happening right now.

Casey DeSantis is like the wife of the guy who murdered 6 million Jews. They’re not crazy at all … they assure us.

‘Great’. You keep using that word, we do not think it means what you think it means.

That’s a much better question. Are your politics really so shallow you can’t handle a 3-minute spot on a popular politician’s wife?

It’s really not much deeper than that. Casey DeSantis is also accomplished, smart, and an asset to the governor and Florida. There really is no mystery that someone at CNN would have said ‘Maybe we should do a short piece on the wife of the guy everyone’s been talking about?’

There you go, Lefties. Take one. Blow. It will be okay.


Editor’s Note: Republican voters deserve answers and accountability for the failed red wave.

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