Dave Chappelle is hosting Saturday Night Live for the third time tonight. Instead of celebrating that milestone, some of the writers voiced complaints and decided to sit this show out rather than write material this week. It’s not all of the writers, but it’s some of them.

It’s the standard complaint about Chappelle. Some progressives think Chappelle should never work again because they didn’t like the jokes in his Netflix special, “The Closer”. Progressives don’t believe in free speech. They have crowned themselves the kings of censorship. Just look around and you’ll see that social media platforms are run by authoritarians on the left, except Twitter now, thanks to its new owner, Elon Musk. Apparently, the writers of SNL can decide just not to work on a week’s show if they don’t like the host.

One of the show’s writers and one cast member were mentioned in an article but neither were publicly saying if they were boycotting the show this week.

“SNL” writer Celeste Yim, whose pronouns are they/them, reportedly posted a message to their social media story after Chappelle’s hosting gig was announced.

“I’m trans and non-binary. Transphobia is murder and it should be condemned,” Yim stated, according to Reddit. It unclear if Yim is one of the writers who said they won’t work on this weekend’s episode.

The “SNL” cast also includes its first comedian who identifies as non-binary, Molly Kearney, who has not publicly addressed Chappelle hosting this weekend’s episode.

The show is putting out some clips for publicity to tamp down any criticism of the choice of show host.

While some in the LGBTQ community dwell on past jokes from a Netflix special, Chappelle is promising to deliver the blackest episode of SNL ever.

One of the most exciting promises the Chappelle Show star joked about in the bumper was the level of blackness that fans could expect from the latest SNL episode.

With a lit cigarette in hand, Dave, 49, guaranteed fans would be in for a very Black episode of SNL, stating that the show would be “so Black it’s gonna be on BET,” pushing his Midnight Miracle podcast co-hosts to break character before adding, “just kidding, it’s gonna be right here on NBC.”

You never know what you’ll get from Chappelle which is why he appeals to large audiences.

In the final take, Chappelle seemingly addresses the controversy over his hosting duties. After the comedian introduces himself, a confused Nwodim says, “Wait, we’re doing it live?”

Chappelle responds, “Of course,” and Nwodim then asks, “With you? In this news cycle?”

Like any comedian, Chappelle doesn’t appeal to everyone. Some people can’t handle that he goes after everyone. No one is off limits in his act and that offends people to the point that boycotts are called and the offended demand Chappelle just shut up. Chappelle is at a point in his life and career where he doesn’t care. He just lets it rip, even if it is making fun of different categories of people. That’s how he got into trouble with the trans community. He dared to make jokes about a trans woman with whom he had a friendship. The anger from that show carries forward today. It’s nuts. Transgenderism is supposed to be normalized now, isn’t it? Well, if they are like everyone else then they are fair game in a comedy routine. Chappelle’s comedy isn’t mean-spirited. He’s not transphobic. He’s just expressing his opinions and he’s funny.

I wonder how long it will take before these stories stop. Chappelle gets a high-profile gig and immediately the story is that people are angry and going to boycott. It’s tiresome. I doubt it affected the demand for tickets to Saturday’s show at all.

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