You’d think it would be super easy to say NO, there weren’t FBI agents dressed as Trump supporters in the Capitol on J6, ya’ know? We’re certainly not experts on the matter but gosh, this isn’t a hard question to answer.

Either there were agents and informants, or there weren’t.

Why do you all think Chris Wray refused to answer? We have an idea or two … *adjusts tinfoil hat*

That seems simple too, eh? Release the tapes. Show Americans what really happened that day …

Why won’t they?

Do we think a Republican House will release them?

Americans deserve to know the truth in all of this.

Because of course. Pelosi’s committee was never about justice, it was about vilifying Americans and most of all, the man they all want to keep from running for president again. Say what you will about Trump, a fan or not, but the powers that be have never worked SO HARD to shut one person down.

So to sum it up …





WaPo quietly admits FBI found nothin’ in raid of Trump’s home CONVENIENTLY after the election

Elon Musk’s response to people scolding him for firing Twitter ‘geniuses’ is just PERFECTION

EPIC receipt-filled thread takes Ron Klain’s desperate SPIN about Biden breaking midterm records APART


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