As Twitchy readers know, now-former Twitter employee Eric Frohnhoefer snidely contradicted Elon Musk openly on Twitter about something technical instead of keeping the discussion in-house and Musk fired him in ‘real-time’. We get it, there are a lot of fussy Twitter employees who can’t seem to accept their new boss, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know it’s not smart to talk smack at your boss in front of billions of people.

Would appear the ‘he’s fired’ comment from Musk was legit.

Guess Elon doesn’t play.

Do they really think Musk is special? That other bosses would tolerate someone being that openly disrespectful to them IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE FREAKIN’ WORLD?

Talk about a bunch of people living in a bubble of entitlement and a grossly bloated idea of their self-worth. Ultimately it’s a business, not sure why they can’t seem to figure this out.

This is not a difficult concept.

Unless, apparently, you’re a Twitter employee.



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