It’s been a hot minute since soon-to-be-former Resistance Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger reminded us how stunning and brave he is. So what’s say we check in with him right now and see how the hero life is treating him?

Here he is on MSNBC (MSNBC: Where Heroes Go to Be Heroic):

What a guy. What a guy!

What a self-aggrandizing and pathologically intellectually dishonest tool.

Yes. Yes it is. Of course, Kinzinger is counting on the dozens of MSNBC viewers not to realize that.

The same Democratic lawmakers with whom he has so hopelessly devoted to ingratiating himself. How embarrassing.

A true profile in courage, ladies and gentlemen.

Yeah … Kinzinger doesn’t seem to broken up about taking his clown show to MSNBC (and CNN)

If the shoe fits …

Catch you on your next MSNBC or CNN hit, Adam!

Or … not.



Rep. Adam Kinzinger calls out the social media chickenhawks who’ve never done anything ‘manly’


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