Thanksgiving is coming up, and thanks in part to President Biden’s efforts in the last nearly two years to “Build Back Better,” the amount of money you pay for dinner will be at a four-decade high:

Can you feel the “relief” yet?

The average American’s Thanksgiving dinner is likely to increase by about 20%, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation’s annual survey—by far the biggest jump recorded in the 37-year history of the report.

The cost for a holiday feast rose to $64.05 for 10 people, up from $53.31 from last year’s average, and a nearly 37% increase in cost from two years ago. The massive jump is perhaps not surprising, given that food inflation is at a four-decade high—but it demonstrates the increasing pressure on Americans’ finances.

Don’t worry though, because President Biden has said the “Inflation Reduction” part of the Inflation Reduction Act will kick in just after the New Year:

Biden’s just buying some time until there’s a GOP majority in the House, at which point the White House will be blaming Republicans for inflation.

“Six weeks to flatten the inflation curve.”

In the meantime, if your budget is stressed, the president recommends saving money on heating costs by buying solar panels:

That’s got some serious “if you can’t afford gas just spend $60,000 on an electric car” energy.

You can’t argue with Bidenomics!



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