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As we’ve learned from a first-grade teacher, when a baby is born, the doctor makes a guess at the baby’s sex, and sometimes the doctor is wrong. That’s why both the American Medical Association and the New England Journal of Medicine have recommended that harmful sex designation should be removed from birth certificates.

Reuters seems to have finally caught up to Abigail Shrier, finding that the significant majority of minors receiving gender-affirming care, including double hysterectomies (“top surgery”), are adolescents who were assigned female at birth.

Reuters reports on Samuel Kulovitz:

When his mother learned of his transgender identity, she was supportive and enrolled him in therapy. He was diagnosed at age 12 with gender dysphoria, the distress that comes from identifying as a gender different from the one assigned at birth.

Two and a half years later, Kulovitz started on the hormone testosterone. He was thrilled as he grew facial and chest hair, his voice dropped, and his menstrual periods stopped.

Still, his breasts were a constant source of distress, and his body ached from wearing a chest binder. “I always thought, ‘I wish I could get rid of them,’ ” Kulovitz said.

One day during his junior year of high school, Kulovitz, then 16, was scrolling on his phone when the TikTok account of a Miami surgeon who offered to “yeet the teets” of young transgender people popped up. In videos with hip-hop music playing in the background, Dr Sidhbh Gallagher provided detailed information about top surgery to remove or modify breasts and displayed photos of her satisfied gender-diverse patients, most of them young people, with shirts off to show the results of the doctor’s work. “Come to Miami to see me and the rest of the De Titty Committee,” she said in one of the videos.

Sounds like a serious doctor. Only $10,000 later, those breasts were gone.

“The question, for some, is whether peer groups and online media may be influencing some of these patients to pursue medical transition, with potentially irreversible side effects, at a time in their lives when their identities are often in flux,” Reuters adds. Do you think? And just maybe school counselors as well?

It’s far beyond time to un-cancel Shrier. She’s deserved a massive apology for writing about the sharp spike in girls believing they’re boys.

Reuters is getting a lot of pushback in the replies for publishing such an anti-science, anti-trans article. But the overall theme seems to be that more evaluation is needed before getting into gender-affirming care:

Prisha Mosley is one of several people who told Reuters that, in hindsight, they think the medical professionals who helped them transition should have evaluated them more thoroughly and advised against medical treatments they now regret.

Later that year, Mosley said, a therapist diagnosed her with gender dysphoria after a single visit. By July, Mosley began treatment with testosterone under the care of her doctor at Cone.

We note again that the Biden administration is 100 percent behind gender-affirming care for minors and the president put out a video for Transgender Day of Awareness, “I’ve got your back.”


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