As we told you earlier, it took them two years, but the intrepid journalists at CBS News finally decided that they had seen enough evidence to conclude that, yes, the Hunter Biden laptop story did, in fact, have legs and was not, in fact, Russian disinformation.

It’s hard to give CBS News anything stronger than a golf clap considering how long it took them to acknowledge that the New York Post and conservative outlets’ reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop was accurate.

But we’ll give them that golf clap, if for no other reason than that they’ve put a bee in Aaron Rupar’s baby bonnet:

He’s so mad, you guys.

Narrator: It wasn’t a total nothingburger.

Aaron knows it wasn’t, and it’s just eating him up inside.

What Aaron said is hilarious But also magnificently predictable and deliciously on-brand.

Anymore? Has he ever been able to handle anything, ever?

Cry more, Aaron.



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