We’re not sure what’s funnier, watching Lefties lose their minds over Elon Musk reinstating Trump’s Twitter account OR watching Hollywood has-beens (or in Billy Baldwin’s case, a never-really-was) get all big, bad, and tough with Musk.

And lie their arses off about having never followed Trump.


Take a gander at the dumbest Baldwin brother’s tweet (and that’s really sayin’ somethin’):

Then again, 103k people liked this stupid tweet so … yikes.

He continued:

Technically, new account creation and engagement are breaking records BUT if this makes Billy feel more important we suppose we can give this one to him.


Ha ha ha ha ha.


What a maroon.

Oh, and about following Trump?

MIIIGHT want to check your timeline if you’re going to claim you never followed the former president, Billy boy.

THERE it is.

How about one more big ol’ fail for the road?




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