I was curious how the New York Post would cover the “confirmation” yesterday of its two-year old reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop. Steven Nelson’s story supplies what might be an air quote in the headline: “CBS ‘confirms’ Hunter Biden laptop is real 769 days after Post broke story.” Nelson does a good job, but there is so much more to be said.

Nelson apparently reserves the derision that should be directed at CBS News to Post columnist Miranda Devine. Devine of course covered the Biden laptop story for the Post, experienced the suppression of the story in the immediate aftermath of publication, and wrote a book about the story well before CBS News got around to “confirming” it. CBS News might want to ask Devine for comment.

CBS News might also want to ask its own Lesley Stahl for comment. See my October 2020 post “This is 60 Minutes.”

Or it might want to ask the deep state 51 brought to us by Politico and former intelligence officials for comment. They were instrumental to the suppression of the story.

Or it might want to ask President Biden for comment. He reiterated the bald lie of the deep state 51 in debate with President Trump.

In the meantime Devine refers us to Sohrab Ahmari’s American Conservative column “Hunter Biden’s laptop is still real.”

I have a comment of my own. My comment is that this is a complete and utter disgrace — now capped by the portentous “confirmation” of CBS News.

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