“I left the army with my integrity intact and my oath to the Constitution unbroken.”

Now-former Lieutenant Colonel Bradley Miller has resigned from his post in the Army after serving the United States military for over 19 years, citing the Pentagon’s irresponsible and unlawful mRNA mandate.

A highly decorated military officer, Miller commanded a battalion in the 101st Airborne Division, and he was a graduate of the Army’s prestigious School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS).

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When Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin issued the order mandating the mRNA “vaccine,” Miller issued a strong rebuttal.

He wrote:

“I believe the vaccines are both unnecessary and dangerous. I believe they represent far more of a risk to individual and collective readiness than the COVID-19 virus against which they ostensibly guard. Therefore, I believe the more responsible decision that I could make for the health of myself and those around me is to refuse to take the vaccines. I have never refused a vaccine required by the Army before, and have received many vaccines over the years.”

Despite being just months away from qualifying for a pension, Miller then resigned in protest of the Pentagon’s mRNA mandate. 

The Department of Defense “vaccine” mandate, which is being enforced on extrajudicial grounds, has created a massive readiness and preparedness crisis within the U.S. military, as the mRNA injection has failed to live up to its safe and effective marketing. 

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Thousands of soldiers have applied for a religious exemption to the mandate, as that was the only avenue to contest the requirement. In response, the military created a digital tool to deny exemptions en masse. 

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In a new interview with NTD news, Miller explained that he did not apply for a religious exemption as a matter of principle. 

“I was a hard refusal. Not because I don’t have extreme religious objections to these injections. I do … but in my mind, having a religious objection would almost concede that the shots are safe or the shots are effective.” 

@SteveLanceNTD speaks with former Lt. Col. #BradleyMiller to discuss why he left the military over the #COVID19 #VaccineMandate. He says the problem with the military is institutional.nn🔵 WATCH HERE👉🏻… “,”username”:”capitolreport”,”name”:”Capitol Report_NTD”,”date”:”Tue Nov 22 15:40:21 +0000 2022″,”photos”:[{“img_url”:”,c_limit,q_auto:best/l_twitter_play_button_rvaygk,w_88/iohd0bmozc80hglwwmon”,”link_url”:”″,”alt_text”:null}],”quoted_tweet”:{},”retweet_count”:25,”like_count”:47,”expanded_url”:{},”video_url”:”×270/xtRyXqIrb8M8DNZT.mp4?tag=12″,”belowTheFold”:true}”>

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He continued:

“I didn’t want an exception for myself. I was against this mandate from 0 to 100. I wanted it rescinded, wholesale. I still want it rescinded wholesale. At no time was I looking for an exception for myself.”

Because Miller resigned, it rendered him ineligible for a retirement pension. He explains why he made the decision anyway:

“Yes I gave up my command. I gave up my career. I gave up my retirement pension. But I still think I came out a winner, because after 19 years of service, I left the army with my integrity intact and my oath to the Constitution unbroken.”

The military whistleblower site TRMLX has much more on the Miller saga, including his powerful rebuttal memo.


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