A couple of weeks ago we did a post on January 6 select committee staffers who’d been given a “pens down” order. These staffers had been writing up law enforcement failures on January 6, but “were informed via a phone call that material prepared by several of the teams whose work did not directly link to Trump would largely not be included in the final report.” Personally, we would have liked to read what those staffers had come up with, but apparently, it won’t appear in the final report unless it has some connection to Donald Trump. Who could be behind that decision?

The Washington Post is now reporting that staffers are angry at Cheney for “focusing too much of the report on Trump.” We’re not angry with Cheney, but we’ll be glad to see her go — she’s the one who turned what could have been a useful committee into a machine to ensure that Trump could never again hold office.

The Post reports:

Several committee staff members were floored earlier this month when they were told that a draft report would focus almost entirely on Trump and the work of the committee’s “Gold Team,” excluding reams of other investigative work.

Potentially left on the cutting room floor, or relegated to an appendix, were many revelations from the “Blue Team” — the group that dug into the law enforcement and intelligence community’s failure to assess the looming threat and prepare for the well-forecast attack on the Capitol. The proposed report would also cut back on much of the work of the Green Team, which looked at financing for the Jan. 6 attack, and the Purple Team, which examined militia groups and extremism.

So they’re not even focusing on the Oath Keepers or the Proud Boys and all of the FBI agents embedded within them. It’s strictly about Trump.

A lot of Never Trumpers really seem to believe that Cheney is the only candidate who can beat Trump in 2024 — they’re determined to make sure he never returns to the White House.


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