Because nothing makes Thanksgiving better than pissing off your friends and family.

What IS IT with people on the Left ruining the holidays? Does it make them feel more festive to pick a fight with a family member they haven’t seen in a long, long time or what? As a country and a society, we are inundated with and surrounded by politics in every freakin’ thing we see, hear, and do, every day. Our sports, our entertainment … even our commercials. Our holidays should be off-limits.

Sorry, not sorry.

Oh, and this ‘cheat sheet’ from Karine Jean-Pierre on behalf of the Biden administration is just obnoxious.

Look at this crap:

The last bit … is really infuriating.

Republicans in Congress are EXTREME.

Attack your relatives from across the aisle (and table) and call them extreme.




If only.


We suppose if they’re going to bring stupid to the table, the rest of us should be prepared on some level to debunk it.

Or, you know, just eat turkey, pie and try and enjoy the day with family and friends.

Crazy, we know.



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